02 March, 2017

Banff in the winter

Several weeks ago we took a drive up to Banff for the day.  We wanted to see the snow on the mountains.  Most of the snow had melted at that point but it was still beautiful.  Every time we drive up there, I'm in awe of the size of the mountains.  It was fun to get out of the city for the day and just spend it together as a family.

Christmas 2016

This last Christmas was extremely difficult for me.  It was the first Christmas that Logan spent away from home.  He spent it this year with Hayleys family.  Next year we get them. 
 Some of the paper trees I made out of books.

As always, we had a lovely Christmas.  We went and saw the Star Wars movie Christmas day.  It's amazing to me how much Christmas has changed now that our kids are older.  To be honest, I don't miss the craziness of having little kids with all their toys.  It's a much more relaxed day now.  We missed Logan like crazy.  It was weird not having him with us.  It's just all part of the family growing up.

Tis the season......for cold!

Our first winter in Calgary was very mild.  I thought I could handle living here OK.  This year has slapped me in the face!  I never have experienced cold like this.  I've come to the conclusion that I don't like Calgary winters! 
Soren loves to go sledding with his friends.  This year, because of the cold, he didn't get out as often as last year.

 Olivia dressed all her dolls in Christmas outfits one day. 

 The girls had to have pics of them all wearing winter leggings.  Leave it to Olivia to mess around.

 This is our  back yard before we got piled with snow.
 Soren has been great about keeping things cleared for us.  Ella often helps out too.